On Friday, we had our first group meeting in which we decided a team name, target customer and which local companies to target for donations.

We decided to base our theme around the idea of a collegiate team and this is what the logo will be based around. This sits well with the theme of the products and will link well with the target customer of 'freshers'.

During this meeting we also delegated jobs to each team member, giving them something to bring to the next group session, the notes below explain this in more detail:

Alex- Create group logo and target Nandos, any local nail bars and Shakeaway 
Chloe- Target all smaller clubs and restaurants in Bedford Place  and Cake-cetera
Bethan- Target local gyms, including The Gym as well as Sprinkles and any local dessert bars, also in charge of creating social media pages for the team
Sam- Targeting all local fast food and restaurants for donations including Handmade Burger Co. Pizza GoGo and Varsity
Grace- Target any of the larger clubs e.g. Oceana and also target River Island and other fashion retailers

The group plan to come together again next week to discuss their findings and begin putting together promotional material, this including posts for the social media pages. 

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