Today myself, Sam and Chloe put posters up around the university to advertise the Solent Reds stall. To do this we first had to consult the marketing department where we were able to get the posters stamped and verified.
 We placed these in areas relevant to the groups static locations to ensure customers who pass through the area are aware e.g.:
- Inside the Library
- Outside the canteen
- In the SM building
- In the Student Union
- In the JM building
- In the HC building entrance

All of these areas are high footfall areas which are near selling locations for the group.

Moreover, the group also received their extra products from the broken range. These would be sold at a discounted price to add to the group's sales and allow us to  price them accordingly. We got the following products:

- 7 pairs of green joggers (£3)
- 1 pair of purple joggers (£3)
- 1 green hoodie (£7)
- 2 red t-shirts (£2)
- 3 green t-shirts (£2)
- 1 purple t-shirt (£2)

These all has minimum prices shown in the brackets however, we felt it best to price these more strategically to give customers the idea they are getting more for their money. The following prices were given to each product:

-Green joggers £6
-Purple joggers £6
-Green hoodie £15
-Red t-shirt £6
-Purple t-shirt £6
-Green t-shirt £6

All of these products excluding the hoodie will be priced at 2 for £10, allowing customers to get more for their money at the same time as the group making more sales.
The hoodie has been priced in this way as a result of the high quality and exclusivity. No other groups have this product and so the group can capitalize on its rarity.

Today I was also in charge of making an online look book. To do this we took professional images of the collection and watermarked them with the Solent Reds logo. These will be put on Facebook along with product prices, and will also be taken around with the mobile team to show customers the products we have on offer. This will also be done with the additional product range.

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