Today the group were able to go to the SSU and pick the Solent Reds range. We were pleased to get the first slot in the shop as it meant we were able to get the first pick of the products. This was a very stressful task and there were so many products to choose from and so much strategy involved. The group were allowed to choose 50 units all together, however due to the products not being a full range, some size options were out of stock and this now means the group do not have full size ranges in some products. Despite this, the group managed to collect a range of products which are suitable for the brand and the target market, this consists of:
·         Navy jumper x 4
·         Burgundy jumper x 6
·         Dark grey jumper x 4
·         Light grey jumper x 3
·         Dark grey tracksuit bottoms x 3
·         Burgundy t shirt x 8
·         Student deal twin pack x 1
·         Sale tracksuit bottoms x 2
·         Navy hoodie x 4
·         Grey hoodie x 5
·         Check jacket x 4
·         Vest  x 4
·         Sweatshirt x 2
These figure display how product numbers are not consistent as a result of incomplete product ranges. Despite this, the group were able to get new products from this seasons range, giving the Solent Reds a competitive advantage during the Sell Off. These have been highlighted in red.
All of the products follow a blue, grey and red colour theme which will allow for easy merchandising during the Big Sell Off. The group plan to colour block these colours to make shopping as easy as possible for the customers and to make the stall as appealing as possible.

From this session the group have also been able to gain better product knowledge and plan how to sell each product. E.g. many of the products are Fair-Trade certified, which will make for a great selling point and competitive advantage. 

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