Today has been very productive and the group have worked together to devise a plan for next week’s Big Sell Off.
To start with we went and picked our locations for the Sell Off and this was done by picking them from a hat. The group got the following location for trade:
Day 1: Andrews Building
Day 2: SM Building
Day 3: Student Union
In addition to this, the group felt it best to try and secure some other locations to trade, allowing the products to become more accessible. We decided to email the Canteen to gain permission to sell over lunch time as this will be a high footfall area. The canteen also agreed to promote Solent Reds  From this we secured the spot for both Thursday and Friday. In addition to this, we also spoke to the Library manager to discuss trading just outside the Library, which he gave up permission to do.
After this the group had a meeting to discuss how to organise ourselves best for next week’s trading. I wrote a list of things to do and we went through this as a group and delegated tasks to relevant team members:
·         Sam- print all promotional material including flyers and posters
·         Grace- research Google Analytics and how to use this for social media channels
·         Chloe- Set up Ebay account for the group to trade online
·         Bethan- Take pictures of the stock for range plans and promotion
·         Me- carry on creating  social media content and promote the team as much as possible
In doing this, each member of the group has something to bring with them for the next meeting (Friday 20th November).
In preparation for my own tasks, I began creating social media content using Hootsuit to schedule posts on both Twitter and Facebook to promote Solent Reds as well as the brands we have collaborated with and how these collaborations will benefit the customer. To promote the group further I also create a ‘pin’ on the Solent Portal notice board detailing the groups locations and times of trade. This will allow any browsers to see the post and gain knowledge on where we will be based.
Furthermore, myself and Bethan also began emailing Course Leaders of the university to ask them to circulate Solent Reds trading times and locations. In doing this a wider audience will be reached, informing customers of what we have to offer.  This was then matched by emailing the university radio and asking for promotion on this channel also. The groups aim is to target as many people at the university as possible and therefore the maximum amount of promotional channels has been used.
To end the day I created the group’s sales sheets for the BSO. To do this I based it on the one Israr had sent us, however made it simpler and easier to use for the group. This will allow us to quickly record any sales we make, allowing us to see how much stock we have left and if we have reached our sales targets. 

The group plan to meet on Friday to finalise plans for next week’s selling.

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