Today was the group’s second day of selling and was a lot more problematic and presented more challenges than the previous day as a result of the location:

 The group began at the SM building which proved to be a difficult selling place as a result of the low footfall, however as a group we used our initiative to go back to the main university and start selling in the HC building as we knew they was a high footfall area. Half of the group also went to the canteen to try and sell some products there, however due to another group also being in the canteen we did not make any sales.

Towards the end of the day we realized one of the other teams located in the concourse was closing early and so we decided to use their space for the rest of the day as we found this area to be good for sales and footfall previously. In doing this we made more sales within 2 hours than we had in the whole day! We were all really glad we moved there in the end.

For tomorrow, the group have decided to go back to the HC building instead of the Student Union. Although this will contradict the information on our posters, we know the footfall will be better after observations of the SU. We hope that in doing this we will be able to make more sales, however we will ensure to keep some of the group  up at the SU building to make sure all ground is covered.

Although today proved challenging for the group, we managed to make the most of it and work well as a team to make as many sales as possible. We ended up making sales of £193.92 which, although is lower than yesterday, is still good considering how many times we changed location. Our target for day 2 was...

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