Today we had another group meeting to decide where to go from the current situation. We planned to pick all free products up from local businesses on Tuesday 17th November. This will also be the day we sort out the float for the Big Sell Off, as well as fixtures and mannequins. This will ensure the group are absolutely ready for trade on the 25th. We will also be going to a wholesaler to buy sweets as incentive to give to passers-by of the stall.
The group have also decided to create some posters that will go up around the university to promote Solent Reds during the week leading up to the Big Sell Off. These will detail the locations and times of trade for the group so customers are aware of how to get the products.
We also decided to begin revealing the prizes for and giveaways within the next week. This will be done through social media and will allow Solent Reds to create a ‘buzz’ around the brand and the products.

We also found out this week that there will be additional products added to the range as Israr has managed to get another range of products. Although this will be a broken range, the group will be able to determine the margin on these products and so may be able to make more profit from them. Each group will be able to chose an unknown parcel from this range in the style of a ‘lucky dip’ to make it fair for everyone.

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