Today I began planning ways Solent Reds could promote ourselves and started creating a database of Course Leader contact information. In doing this I planned to create a standardised email to send out to course leaders and senior lectures, asking them to circulate the information on where and when the Solent Reds team would be trading. In doing this the team will be able to get a brand message across to a wider audience, creating a buzz around Solent Reds and potentially driving footfall to the store.
Next week the group plan to schedule more social media posts to begin heavily promoting the Solent Reds brand, as well as get together and have final meetings about the group structure and how we will work as a team during the Big Sell Off.

Moreover, a flyer has also been produced for the group which will be given out to all passes by and will detail the whereabouts and times of trade for the group, this increasing customer awareness on how to get Solent Reds products, also driving footfall to the stall. This has been based heavily around Solent Reds branding and focuses on the opportunity for customers to receive ‘giveaways’, highlighting the incentives to buy.

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